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Optical fiber industry boom up good fiber material development

OFweek optical communications network news in recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, mobile Internet business applications, China's optical fiber and cable industry has also ushered in a rapid development, the domestic demand for optical fiber and cable to maintain a growth momentum. Ministry statistics show that in 2014, the national new fiber-optic cables 3.007 million kilometers, the total length of optical cable lines to reach 20.46 million kilometers, an increase of 17.2%. After years of rapid growth, China has become the world's factory optical fiber and cable industry, it is a major exporter of the world's manufacturing power and fiber optic cable products. 2015, domestic demand for optical fiber and cable market will continue to rise. It is estimated that in 2015 the market size of the fiber optic cable will reach 143 million core km. From the in-depth implementation of the "Broadband China" strategy to the "Internet +" concept put forward, then Prime Minister Li Keqiang urged injunctions "Speed ​​drop fee", China's optical fiber and cable business will usher in a new round of development opportunities.

Commissioned by the Minister of the State Council, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei, 29, and information technology to promote information technology and industrialization, the depth of integration and development work report to the NPC Standing Committee. He said the development of China's information technology has made considerable progress, information network infrastructure become more apparent strategic position, is organizing the implementation of the "broadband China" special action and next generation networking demonstration of urban construction, accelerate the wireless, mobile, broadband is the next generation of country network infrastructure evolution. The report notes that in 2015 a quarter, more than 8 megabits per second broadband subscribers increased 5.6 times over 2012, accounting for 46.4%. Fiber covering family size increased by 6.8 times, optical access user accounts proportion of broadband users reached 38.4%. Network infrastructure to a new level, a national strategic infrastructure. China into the world's largest broadband communications network. By March this year, the long-distance fiber optic line length approaching 930,000 kilometers, 93.5 percent of administrative villages nationwide open broadband, 4G users over 160 million.

2015 "broadband China" strategy of publishing, will undoubtedly bring immeasurable big cake for fiber optic communications market. In the State executive meeting on May 13, Li Keqiang premier again stressed that accelerating the construction of high-speed broadband networks, led by the network construction this year on various investment trillion yuan. Optical fiber and cable as "broadband China" an important cornerstone of the relevant optical fiber and cable companies will benefit trillion investment. Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology Commission deputy director Wei Leping, has pointed out that by 2015, nearly 40% of the backbone cable will reach a 20-year design life. Replace aging will further boost demand cable fiber optic cable in China.

Germanium metal fiber material is the key functional materials, optical grade germanium tetrachloride can be used in optical fiber production, fiber-optic communications germanium consumption in previous years accounted for about 30% market share. Added fiber grade germanium tetrachloride in fiber, mainly to play the role of an optical fiber doped and photoelectric conversion effect. Germanium tetrachloride used in a proportion in the fiber 2 g / km, off 0.7 grams of germanium metal. Germanium is a scarce and limited, important strategic non-renewable resources, is widely used in infrared technology, optical fiber communications, high-frequency ultra-high frequency electronic devices, aerospace, solar cells, chemical catalysts, biomedical and many other military and civilian defense fields. Chinese optical fiber preform production processes, the prolonged absence of core technology, the consumption of the general form of germanium raw material exports, in the form of repurchase preform domestic, high value-added production processes most of the stay abroad, the domestic enterprises only Get a small percentage of the profits. Develop domestic downstream germanium technology need to strengthen.